Professional Law Firm Website Design

Bring in more clients and cases with a custom website created just for your firm

Attorneys Need Custom Websites Designed To Convert Visitors Into Clients

Your website is your chance to make a great first impression on potential clients. It’s important that your law firm’s website lets visitors know two things right away:

First, that you understand them, and what they are going through.

Second, that you can help solve their problem, and that you’ll get the best result possible for them.


Responsive Web Design

We build sites that are optimized for every device. From the desktops and laptops your potential clients use at work, to the phones and tablets they search from outside of the office. We’ll make sure your site looks amazing, and is easy-to-use no matter what device your website visitors are using.


Built On The Right Platform For You & Your Firm

One thing we don’t do is handcuff our clients by building their new website in a proprietary content management system, otherwise referred to as a CMS. Proprietary content management systems are designed to produce one result: to make it difficult, and expensive for a client to leave the company building the website.

We build your new website using the platform that best suits your needs, and your long-term plans for the site. Whether that’s a 100% built-from-scratch site coded in HTML/CSS, or a custom site based on one of our proven WordPress designs.


Designed With Your Ideal Clients In Mind

Attorneys naturally want to showcase their experience, and the accolades and awards their firm has received, but your potential clients want to know two things first:

  1. That you understand them, and what they are going through.
  2. That your law firm can help them.

Only after you’ve answered those two questions does your experience, and awards factor into the decision-making process of your potential clients.

Your home page should immediately reflect that you know exactly what prospective clients are going through. That you understand their fears, and concerns. Your website should them walk them through a natural process that includes highlighting your credibility, and then lays out a plan for potential clients to get the best outcome for their case.

Once you’ve given your potential clients a simple, easy-to-understand plan, we want to give them a clear Call-To-Action as the next step. That next step is to contact your firm online, by picking up the phone, or any other options such as Live Chat that we build into your site.


Professional Copywriting Optimized For Conversions

We make sure every aspect of your site is designed to convert website visitors into new clients, and that includes the copywriting. From your home page, to the service pages focused on your specific legal practice area(s).


Website Redesign & Rescue Service

It’s common for law firms that have been in business for any length of time to have been through several iterations of their website. You may have certain things you like about your current site, and maybe you’ve built up some value by ranking in search results.

Our Website Redesign & Rescue service is for attorneys who don’t need a wholesale makeover of their site. We can pinpoint areas that need improvement, and work with you to develop a plan to optimize what you already have.

If you don’t hate your website, and you want to improve and optimize what you have, this is the perfect service for you. Especially if you want to be free of the headaches associated with managing your own website. 

Website Redesign & Rescue Service Features

  • We can enhance the design
  • Provide better structure and organization of your content
  • Maximize your site’s page load speed
  • Improve your mobile-friendly score
  • Add user-friendly blogging functions

We can even make your site easier to edit if you want the option to make updates to the content yourself.